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Great software is at the heart of any organisation that wants to survive and thrive. Building high value, easy to maintain, cost effective software is at the core of what we do. It's what gets our recognized industry experts and brilliant consultants out of bed each morning, excited and ready to do their best for you. Be it software for the web, the cloud, mobile, IoT, or something else entirely, we have the skills and ability to deliver on today's goals and the potential of tomorrow.

Adaptable to you

Yes, we have a proven and preferred way of working (agile), but we won't force-feed it to you. It's not "our way or the highway". It's "Let's adapt and adjust our approach to suit your specific needs".

More than just code

Our gifted, brilliant people will be analysing, architecting, building, testing and releasing your next cutting-edge software solution, but that's not all they can do. Whenever we're working alongside your people, we'll be sharing our knowledge and experience, our thoughts and processes. We'll be inspiring, influencing, mentoring, training, and coaching your teams in how we work so that they in turn can learn and grow. We want to make sure that you'll continue to be successful long after our work is done.

Outcomes first, technology second

Technology needs to support you, not the other way around. We also know the difference between the bleeding edge and the leading edge and have seen what happens in organisations that get it wrong. We won't push tech on you for technologies sake.

Want to kick the tyres?

Why not! Arrange a free, one-hour session in our office near you and chat about whatever you like. Contact us to ask for an "office hours" visit. No strings attached. No marketing. No sales. Just you and people who can help.

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Data & Analytics

Across lines of business and distinct functions, rapid adoption of cloud applications is introducing complexity and accelerating the need for robust data integration and Master Data Management. Hybrid environments of both cloud and legacy on-premise systems are now the norm, presenting challenges on how data is utilised across those disparate sources.

The volume, variety, veracity, velocity and value of data continues to grow exponentially within structured, unstructured and semi-structured environments. These environments can and should be leveraged for data-driven insights.

Organisations are looking to harness the power and value of analytics with better self-service for business users and citizen analysts with more reliable, real-time data.

SimpVis is united by our passion for tackling complex business problems with elegant, innovative and data-driven technology solutions. Our approach to professional services has earned us the trust and dedication of a large and growing group of customers and a partner of choice for our vendors.

Keeping up with the ever-changing pace of innovation means we can develop, test and deploy large solutions in a simple way, ensuring we deliver value to our customers faster.

Our Data & Analytics Practice has been set up to accelerate the Advanced Analytic journey of our customers by effectively utilising modern technologies that equips organisations to focus on three strategic priority areas:
  1. Modernise data management
  2. Extend self-service, predictive analytics and visualisation
  3. Streamline data exchange in hybrid IT environments

The three pillars of the D&A practice that enables the focus on these areas are through:

  1. Data Engineering & Architecture
  2. Modern Business Intelligence
  3. Data Sciences

Our great ideas, brilliant people and innovative technology solutions tackle the problems of today, and tomorrow.

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Managed Services

The SimpVis Support offering was created to complement our range of consulting services. Our multidisciplinary team works to provide our customers with peace of mind and on-going assistance.

Everything we do is focused on providing real business benefits to our customers by improving reliability, performance and proactively recommending enhancements.

We understand requirements change over time and our resourcing model provides customers with the flexibility to scale as required.

We do this by:

  • Applying a sustained engineering approach to prolong the life of the software applications through proactive patching & updates, dependency upgrades and technical debt reduction
  • Building business, domain and technical knowledge in your systems through consistent personnel and the continual proactive work
  • Enabling a collaborative environment of sharing information, knowledge and ideas and transparency
  • Implementation of DevOps, automation and value-focused principles to produce consistent, high quality, outcome-focused results
  • Performing a combination of break-fix / SLA reactive work for peace of mind along with dedicated proactive work across a jointly developed, customer prioritised backlog of work
  • Our Support offering supports a wide variety of technologies and have wide experience across industries and application complexities in providing a high-quality service.

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PDF Data Extraction Cleansing tools

Extract Data From PDF: Convert PDF Files Into Structured Data

PDF is here to stay. In today’s work environment, PDF became ubiquitous as a digital replacement for paper and holds all kind of important business data. But what are the options if you want to extract data from PDF documents? Manually rekeying PDF data is often the first reflex but fails most of the time for a variety of reasons.

Let’s Link your own fully automated PDF data extraction software

Automated PDF data extraction solutions come in different flavours, ranging from simple OCR tools to enterprise ready document processing and workflow automation platforms. Most systems share however a similar workflow:

  • Assemble batches of samples documents which acts as training data
  • Train the system for each type of document you want to process
  • Set up a process to automatically fetch documents, process them and dispatch the data

Most advanced solutions use a combination of different techniques to train the data extraction system. A simple method is for example is OCR where the user simply defines specific locations inside the document with a point & click system. More advanced techniques are based on regular expressions and pattern recognition.

Let us see how we can automate your needs.

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